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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simple, Fast, Effective! Weight Loss Tips!

These are just a few changes you can make to your everyday life to help you shift a few pounds. They’re easy to make, won’t break the bank, and you will soon notice a difference when you start to look and feel good!
1. Get out of the house!
Firstly, there is nothing worse for your diet or exercise regime than being stuck in the house all day. Being near that fridge is only going to make you want to snack on something. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve had is to go out somewhere. After breakfast you could take a stroll into town (avoid driving or getting public transport) and go shopping or visit some friends, or if you have kids, take them out somewhere. It’s bound to help you lose some weight and can burn a lot of calories. Also, being out of the house helps you feel better about yourself because you’re getting exercise and some fresh air, also keeping you busy so you don’t feel like eating much. When you return you’re less likely to eat a big meal for lunch because of how much better you should feel.
2. Drink, drink, drink!
I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no! Not alcohol! But water. Drinking more water is the best way to lose weight, as it flushes through your system allowing food to digest better. It also keeps you hydrated which can make you feel more awake, energised and make you feel good about yourself. It’s also good for clearing up your complexion!
3. The 3 hour rule!
After not eating for three hours, your body goes into “starvation” mode. Which doesn’t mean you’re going to starve, but it just means that your body starts craving and needing more food, even if you don’t feel hungry. Another good tip would be to eat reasonably portioned meals (not too much) every three hours to stop you becoming so hungry you start to binge. This also keeps your metabolism at a reasonable level so that your body can take in the right amounts of food and burn it healthily.
4. Don’t be too hard on yourself!
Too many people fail diets because they ban themselves from eating certain foods. Don’t do this, because you’re setting yourself up to fail. Allow yourself a little bit of the things you enjoy or you will crave it too much and binge! Nothing is bad for you in small amounts as part of a balanced diet, so just cut down on the things you feel are bad for you and increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. Easy!
5. Soups and smoothies!
Soups and smoothies are a great way to lose weight as each is low in calories, high in fruit or vegetable content and very, very filling. Eating these foods mean you won’t snack as much and will get your 5-a-day! They’re especially good if you make them yourself, so you know what’s going in them, you know you will like them and your cooking skills are bound to improve. Making food yourself is another tip, as this keeps you busy, meaning you’re less likely to snack if you can’t wait for meal times.


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